Frequently Asked Questions

For partners
For users

What do I need to become a partner?

Nothing! Although it helps to have a website, it is not necessary to become a TruQu partner. 

If you don't have a website, you can promote your partner link through all channels where you can share the link:
business relationships, newsletters, emails, internet forums, and to your friends, family. Really everywhere.

Is there a minimum number of leads or sales that I have to refer?

No! No minimum number of sales is required to be a TruQu partner. The more visitors you send, the greater the chance of earning commissions. Moreover, when you start selling more TruQu licenses, your commission can increase from 10% to 40%.

If a visitor comes back later to buy, will I still receive a commission?

Yes! We offer a lifelong cookie, which means that if your referring visitors return the following year, you earn a commission on their purchase!

When can I start?

Immediately! Complete the online registration form and your application will be assessed within 24 hours. After approval you can start recommending TruQu to your customers.

When are partners paid?

All commissions are processed on the 1st working day of the month. Commission payments are sent within one week after processing for all partners who have earned at least € 25. You have the option to set your minimum payment amount through the partner portal. If you choose to increase your minimum payment amount, your commissions will be extended from month to month until you reach your minimum payment amount.

What is a partner link?

A partner link is a URL that contains your unique partner ID. Every time you refer a visitor to the website with this partner link, our system follows their actions and when they finally purchase TruQu, you receive a commission based on their purchase amount.

How much does it cost to become a partner?

Nothing! We even pay you!

How can I contact the TruQu partner Team?

You can contact the partner team by telephone (085 - 0600050) or by mail (

How much can I earn in commissions?

There is no limit to the amount that you can earn as a TruQu partner. You receive up to 40% commission on the TruQu license!

Earn 10% commissions if you refer to 10,000 in TruQu licenses.
Earn 25% commissions if you refer more than 25,000 in TruQu licenses.
Earn 40% commissions if you refer more than 50,000 in TruQu licenses.

Commissions are only paid on TruQu licenses. We also offer consultancy and integrations. The committees do not count for this.

Can I promote TruQu with pay-per-click search engines?

Yes, you can promote your TruQu partner link in the various pay-per-click search engines. The only thing you can't do is use TruQu as a keyword or use TruQu as an interest targeting. This will immediately result in removal of the partner program.

Do I need technical skills?

No you do not need technical skills. The only thing is that you have to share the partner link.

Do you have marketing material that we can use in the promotion?

Yes. Click here to view some examples of the graphic images and banners that we offer. As an partner you have access to many more graphic images, links and promotion tools within your partner portal.

How can I keep track of my sales and income?

The partner portal offers detailed reporting functions to help you keep track of all sales and income that you generate from your promotions.

What is a partner code and where can I get it?

A partner code is a code that links your organization to a partner in question. Our partners can advise you on the use and implementation of TruQu. You will also receive a discount if you use this code. For current partner prices and the partner code you can contact one of our partners via their own page.

What does TruQu mean for me during the cooperation?

We are always ready to help. Both by telephone, via e-mail, via chat or for a cup of coffee at our office. We contact every month every customer with the best tips and to discuss the latest developments. In addition, TruQu organizes various events to bring our customers into contact with each other in order to brainstorm on this theme.

What does TruQu deliver us?

TruQu customers experience that TruQu ensures that people develop and teams perform better. The feedback technology provides better conversations and stimulates continuous development among colleagues. In addition, TruQu contributes to the recognition and retention of talent. Colleagues are no longer faced with surprises and gain immediate insight into what they are good at and where they can develop further.